Rebecca Bostick

Rebecca Bostick, AIA, Architects


1819 Drury Lane, Suite 101

Alexandria, VA 22037

703.768.2250 voice

Rebecca designed the addtion to our house, and did a great job.

We asked Rebecca to come up with a design for an addition off the back of our house that would include a new dining room (and a remodeled kitchen), a new family room and a new screened porch.  However, we were doubtful that there was any solution to one of our big goals, which was to allow light into and views out of both of the two new rooms, unblocked by the new porch, which--it seemed--would be behind one or the other of the two new rooms, thereby blocking a western view into our back yard and the light from the evening sun. However, among the preliminary designs that Rebecca presented us with was one--the one we chose--which involved some interesting new angles, and which perfectly tucked the screened porch into a niche between the two new rooms, very nicely solving our "intractable" design problem and creating three wonderful spaces that we enjoy tremendously, with nice views and western exposures from both the new dining room and the new family room. The screened porch is nice. Please have a look.

Thanks, Rebecca, for a great design!

Steve & Elizabeth