Potomac River Sailing Association (PRSA)

Great fun racing on Sundays in the spring and fall. (Although it's been way too long since I've raced!) Sometimes I'm first across the line, sometimes in the middle of the pack, and sometimes I'm last. But it's always a treat to be out sailing with a great bunch of sailors!

Isotope Catamarans

A great 16' catamaran! Fast and responsive. Good for single-handed sailing.

A Few Photos

Me and my Isotope Catamaran

Hiking out hard on my Isotope (1919) and "catching up" with the Hobies during a PRSA race.

Isotope catamaran - PRSA start

On the trapeeze. Cloudy day, not much wind, but great fun nonetheless!

Isotope catamaran

A calm day, but the Isopoe still moves along.

Isotope catamaran